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Post by Little Donkey on Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:09 am

What is 'K-ON Fanfiction Award'?
It's a place where readers and authors unite nominate their favourite fanfictions and authors ... for fun. Very Happy

Who is the creator?
Me and my perverted partner in crime Ryuamakusa4eva lol!

How does it work?
For now--every month readers nominate their favourite fanfiction over at Budoukan > Fanfiction Nominations/Votes. If you click the orange link, the topic to post your nominations is at the top of the list you will see there. (Well, at this time you won't see it. But soon. Which brings the question....)

When does it start?
Quite soon. We're still building the foundations of this. Smile

Is rice a dish?
No, rice is a side dish. Shocked

<-- You know what I'm talking about, Lurker Southpaw.
Here are the answers! 12544065
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