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The rules!! Empty The rules!!

Post by Ryuamakusa4eva on Sat Sep 11, 2010 9:31 am

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For the award

1. You could nominate up to 10 fanfictions and 5 authors in the appropriate topic.

2. You could only post once for nominating your favorite fanfictions and author.

3. You CANNOT nominate/vote your own fanfiction.

For this forum

1. Please use proper language. "Damn", "shit", and slang words are still acceptable tho lol.

2. All communication must be in English, with appropriate punctuation and capitalization, if possible. We know English is not everyone's first language. But we do not want to see this: 0mg, dis animeh ish sho kool!11onez

3. DO NOT SPAM, please stay on topic.

4. NO BASHING OR FLAMING, whether it's about the fanfiction, author, user, admin, characters, pairing, or tea, cake etc.

5. Avoid flammable topics.

6. NO PORNOGRAPHY STUFF. However, mild sex references and mild NSFW material are fine. Just make sure to mark the topic or post title as so, and that they are appropriately censored.

For some reason, we completely allow M-rated fanfiction to be posted here when the event gets up and running.

7. Do not post NONSENSE.

8. No personal conversations. This is a discussion forum, not a chat room.

9. Do not double post. If you accidentally do double post, please delete the duplicates by clicking the The rules!! I_icon13 button. The only exception to this rule is when one week has passed since your last post--or it's extremely important, e.g. It's been announced there will be a third season for K-ON! [Note: that is only an example, and the statement is false.]

10. Please make sure the images you post here, when displayed, are within 500x500 pixels. Or else the forum will try to do it for you.

11. If the content you are posting is relatively spoiler-ish, use spoiler tags.
[spoiler] Write your spoiler-ish content here [/spoiler]

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