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Post by Ryuamakusa4eva on Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:42 pm

It is alright for you guys to post something in here, just don't touch Budoukan category yet.

So, Music Club Room, and Sakuragaoka High School categories are now open for any discussion Very Happy

at Tea Time, you can post ANYTHING that have something to do with K-ON!

Tsumugi's Binoculars is a forum to talk about K-ON! pairings....which of course, Mugi's goggles is necessary when you talk about pairing Razz

While Readers' Binoculars is a forum to talk about your favorite character, you can go fangirling/boying to that character of yours as much as you like.

And the last one, Mio's Macbook, is where you can post any fan creations, AMV/MAD, fanart, etc. Just don't post any perverted stuff, or else I'm gonna have a massive noseblee--I mean, I'm gonna ban you, please remember the rules :3

Oh, as for Sakuragaoka High School category, it is the place to ask anything about this forum.

I guess that's all....enjoy this forum! Very Happy

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